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QLIST launches as the world’s most comprehensive LGBTQ+ venue directory


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In a significant leap forward for the LGBTQ+ community, QLIST is set to revolutionize how queer individuals connect with spaces worldwide. Launched in June 2024, QLIST boasts an unparalleled listing of over 5000 venues across 255 cities/43 countries, establishing itself immediately as the largest, most accurate, most up-to-date LGBTQ+ directory in the world.

Created by the minds behind the popular Wapo & Wapa dating apps, QLIST addresses and solves the pervasive issue found in rival platforms: incomplete and outdated directories. Until now, finding LGBTQ+ venues that are still in operation, with accurate opening hours and comprehensive venue information, has been a challenge. QLIST eliminates these frustrations by ensuring that its directory is meticulously curated and maintained, providing users with the ability to discover queer venues worldwide. Effortlessly.

QLIST is more than just a directory; it’s a community-driven platform that empowers users to discover, share, explore, and contribute to, the rich tapestry of queer venues globally. Whether you’re looking for a cozy cafe, a vibrant nightclub, a steamy sauna, or somewhere safe and welcoming to stay, QLIST is your ultimate guide to the queer world.

QLIST is available in the app stores now, free and ad-free. The high quality app offers an unparalleled experience in terms of quality and ease of use. The main map of QLIST is also integrated directly into the Wapo & Wapa dating apps. This integration into two of the world’s most popular LGBTQ+ dating apps means that QLIST is on track to achieve more than 5 million unique user sessions in its first year alone.

QLIST is already confirmed as an official sponsor of RuPaul’s Drag Race – All Stars USA – 2025.

Download QLIST now and get ready to explore the most extensive network of LGBTQ+ spaces like never before.

Written by: Rother Radio

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