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micClaire Mercer on the Smart Motorways Kill Exhibition at the Titan's Rugby Groundtoday12/06/2024

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    Smart Motorways Kill Exhibition Claire Mercer on the Smart Motorways Kill Exhibition at the Titan's Rugby Ground

The widow of Jason Mercer who was killed on a Smart Motorway near Meadowhall 5 years ago, has been campaigning to get the political parties to commit to bringing the hard shoulder back and scraping smart motorways.

Claire Mercer has campaigned tirelessly over the past 5 years and today (12th June 2024), Claire hung thousands of messages that have been sent in support of the campaign and to abolish smart motorways in the last 2 years.

More than 3000 social media messages we’re hung in the breeze at the Rotherham Titan’s Rugby Club pitch at Clifton Lane. Claire’s life was changed forever 5 years ago when Jason’s car broke down on the M1 Motorway near Meadowhall and a lorry ran into him.

Jason Mercer was a season ticket holder at the Titan’s Rugby Club at Clifton Lane, and his Hat & Scarf blew in the wind amongst the thousands of messages.

Listen to the interview with Claire Mercer by clicking the play button above.

[The Hat and Scarf of Jason Mercer blows in the wind at the Titan’s Rugby Ground]

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