Glen Campbell


Glen Campbell

The 80s and 90s Dance Party

Join Glen Campbell for the ‘Saturday Night 80's & 90's Dance Party, from 7pm’. Glen plays 2 hours of club tunes to get any Saturday night party off to a flying start. You can drop Glen a message below: Missed a show?

I started in radio when I was about 10, but started as a DJ when I was about 8. My brother was a DJ at the time so when my teacher wanted a class Disco I offered!! So I loaded my Valve record player and my home-made lights on to my Carty (Home-made cart with pram wheels) put my best bow tie on and did the disco. I was made up as I got to dance with the teacher, and I had a major crush on her 😂

My radio started when the local radio station 100 miles away wanted people to get interviews and news snippets from the area. So when they asked for volunteers, gob on a stick said “Me! I’ll do that!” They showed me how to work this Reel-to-reel thing, and off I went.

Things you don’t know about Glen…

  • Colin Firth hit me on my right shoulder about 30 times!
  • I gave a lift to ‘The Average White Band’ when they broke down.
  • Keith Chegwin and I are twins (Ok I lied but people think we were)
  • I hate spiders.
  • Kevin Bacon and I had a fight on CH4 ‘The Big Breakfast’ when covering Madonna’s wedding, and made every single news station in the world.
  • Producer Tracey and I have been engaged for 27 years! (I’m not keen on snap decisions)
  • I have a 15 year old goldfish called Navid.
  • I’ve been held at gun point twice.
  • I flew on a plane for the first time 5 years ago, I’d never been abroad.
  • I collect old Tilley lamps.
  • I know how to gut Squid.

I think that’s it

Favourite food…

I love stuff! Ok, this is the name that Producer Tracey and I call a plate of a massive concoction of ‘Stuff’ like loads of salad, spring rolls, potato salad, crusty bread, chutney, apple, cheese, beetroot… the list goes on.

Do you have a bucket list?

Well kind of, but I like to see what happens next, and trust me it’s honestly never dull. Our band have made a pact to play all 5 continents in 5 years! Once I know the names of the continents I’ll start planning

Any regrets?

Nah, there are the little things where you feel you could have made a difference, but I believe we make the correct decision about things every single time, right at that precise moment in time, whether right or wrong later. If It either turns out right, or if we need to learn a lesson.

You’ve just won £1 billion. What’s the first thing you going to do?

I have this planned just in case.

I will go to each of my friends and ask them to put all their bills on the table, everything, mortgage the lot, then I’d clear the debt. I would set up a fund where all my friends get one paid for holiday a year for life. I wouldn’t hand money over, but id want to make their life a bit easier. Then buy a Bentley 😬

Is your finger sore typing this lot out yet?

No, just like my gob I can keep this going for hours 😂

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