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Become an Invigilator this Exam Season


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The Positives of Invigilating: Become an Invigilator this Exam Season

This year, there are plenty of opportunities for people in search of a part-time, flexible roles with competitive pay. This is because as we approach exam season, the need for invigilators rapidly increases, with plenty of roles on the horizon.

Lauren Eden, Business Manager for Further Education at The Protocol Group, has provided insight on the positives of invigilating and how it is a suitable option for so many people.

“No specific qualifications or experience are needed”, said Lauren. “And working as an invigilator could be the ideal solution for those looking for work this upcoming summer”.

What does being an invigilator involve?

As an invigilator, your primary responsibility is to ensure the integrity of exams by monitoring students during testing. This includes verifying their identities, enforcing exam rules, and addressing any issues or disruptions that may arise.

You’ll need to maintain a calm and professional demeanour, as well as have excellent attention to detail to ensure that exams run smoothly.

The benefits of being an invigilator

First and foremost, being an invigilator offers unparalleled flexibility. Whether you’re a student looking to work alongside your degree, a retiree seeking to stay active, or someone with a full-time job looking for supplementary income, invigilating allows you to choose when and where you work.

“As invigilating is a part-time role with exams being held throughout the year, there are plenty of opportunities to earn money on a regular basis”, added Lauren.

It is also an avenue for you to find local work, with so many invigilator opportunities around the UK, and the rate of pay can work out at £11-£15 per hour, with some exams lasting between four to five hours.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable experience in a professional setting, enhancing your resume and opening up future opportunities”, said Lauren.

“So, if you are responsible, reliable, and detail-oriented, you would be a perfect fit for this role”.

How can you become an invigilator?

If you’re interested in becoming an invigilator, working alongside an education recruitment partner would allow you to find the most suitable opportunities tailored to your requirements.

Lauren, a valued member at The Protocol Group, spoke about how her and her team can support those looking for invigilator roles: “The Protocol Group has expertise in staffing solutions for the education sector, and can connect you with invigilator roles that match your schedule and preferences.

“With flexible hours, extra income, and valuable experience, it’s the perfect part-time role for anyone looking to supplement their income or gain professional experience”.

Visit The Protocol Group’s website now to learn more and find out about invigilator roles suitable for you.

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