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About: Dean Greer

I cannot think of a time when I’ve not wanted to listen to the radio and I’ve always enjoyed talking ever since I knew how, so sitting in front of a microphone speaking between your favourite songs is a dream come true for me.

Growing up in Derby, I started my own podcast during college which I continued through to university where I started working on the comedy circuit. Stand-up comedy soon became the main topic of my show where I interviewed comedians about their craft.

After graduating from University, I became a sound operator in film and television, learning how to record and edit audio, both verbal and creating Foley sound effects when needed. This naturally lead to radio hosting and the rest, as they say, is history.

My music taste is extremely varied and you could catch me enjoying anything from Fleetwood Mac to Eminem, from The Kinks to Ed Sheeran, from Pink Floyd to Baby Shark and, of course, everything and anything in between.

When I’m not hosting I like to bury myself deep in video streaming services, finding those hidden gems that rarely see light of day. Among the favourites I’ve found are ‘Thunder Road’, ‘Boy’ and ‘The Doo Dah Man’. Other more well know favourites of mine include ‘This is England’, ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and ‘The Simpsons Movie’.

Well that’s all about me, what about you? Feel free to send me a message below, I’m always happy to hear from new friends, and if there’s any track you wish to hear ill make it my priority to play it live on air.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you,

Your friendly local radio host,

Dean Greer.

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