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Local News

Sheffield woman forced to live on £97 a week after finding lump in her neck


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A Sheffield woman has been left fearing the worst after doctors told her that a lump on her neck is likely thyroid cancer.

Miranda Debenham first started to notice that something was wrong a few months ago when she noticed a lump on her neck which had started to affect her sleeping and swallowing.

The 29-year-old says that the lump has been confirmed as a thyroid nodule which has grown to around 7cm in diameter.

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However, she has now been left fearing the worst has doctors have told her that it is likely thyroid cancer but further tests need to be done before it can be confirmed.

Miranda, who lives in Sheffield, said: “I first noticed something was wrong a few months ago.

“The nodule had probably been growing very slowly for like six months before that, but it had just reached a tipping point where I became aware of it.

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“I went to my GP first and she did a blood test to check my thyroid levels.

“A lot of the time thyroid nodules are totally benign but they can cause your thyroid hormone levels to fluctuate wildly.

“On me though, it was all normal. After that I had an ultrasound which showed two nodules in my neck, one of them pretty large, about 7cm in diameter.

“It has caused my windpipe to shift to one side and was causing me trouble sleeping and swallowing.

Miranda noticed a lump on her neck and went to her GP
Miranda noticed a lump on her neck and went to her GP

“After that I was referred to a consultant at the Hallamshire and she sent me for a biopsy, which showed likely thyroid cancer.”

Now Miranda has to have a hemithyroidectomy to remove half of her thyroid and the nodules themselves.

After this has been done more tests can be completed to determine if it actually is cancer.

Miranda added: “If it is cancer, I’ll have the other half of my thyroid removed too.

“If not, the surgery might be all I need, though I could also end up taking hormone replacements for life.

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“Personally I am feeling nervous about the surgery. It’s really low risk and so on, but I just hate hospitals.

“I am really hoping that the tests come back negative, even though that isn’t the likely outcome.

“In some ways I am lucky though as thyroid cancer is incredibly treatable, and doesn’t require chemotherapy.

“It’s kind of the best worst option I suppose.”

She is waiting for a hemithyroidectomy later this month to determine whether it is cancer
She is waiting for a hemithyroidectomy later this month to determine whether it is cancer

Miranda has now set up a Go Fund Me page to help her over the next few weeks as she has to take two weeks off work for her surgery.

Due to starting a new job she has to rely solely on Statutory Sick Pay which is not enough to pay her rent, bills and other weekly costs.

She added: “I started a new job a few weeks ago, which is terrible timing, but it means I’m only going to be on Statutory Sick Pay while I’m off.

“That’s not much money at all, about £97 a week, and I’ve got rent to pay and so one like everyone else, so that’s what the money’s for.

“Plus things like taxis to and from the hospital etc.

“I am really bad at asking for help, but this time I kinda have to. It’s weird to know you need to rely on your friends, but I know people have got my back just the same way I’ve got theirs.”

You can donate to Miranda’s Go Fund Me page to help her here.

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Written by: Rother Radio News

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