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Local News

Mum’s transformation after hating photo of herself after brother’s death


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A Sheffield mum decided to make the change and lose weight after she saw photographs of herself at her brothers funeral after he was tragically killed.

Jodie Tyler, 26, and her family were left devastated in April 2015 when 16-year-old Josh Tyler was killed when he was hit by a car while on his way home.

Jodie said his death “destroyed” the family and she couldn’t deal with how she felt about how she looked as she was just too upset.

After two years of comfort eating and continuing to pile on the pounds, reaching 17 stone, Jodie decided to make the change after she looked at the pictures of the funeral again.

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Now a mum-of-one, she wanted to lose weight before their first family holiday without Josh so that she could document as many memories as possible with her family.

It was a contrast to the last family holiday Jodie had with her family, including brother Josh, when she felt too uncomfortable to take photographs.

Jodie, from Sheffield said: “I was having the most memorable but uncomfortable holiday in April 2015 with my parents, my brother Josh and my partner Callum for my 21st birthday.

“It was my parents and brothers first time abroad.

“My brother and mum took pictures on holiday and after seeing the photos I asked them to delete them.

Jodie with a picture of her brother Josh before she dropped over six stone
Jodie with a picture of her brother Josh before she dropped over six stone
(Image: Submitted)

“I looked horrendous, I felt so uncomfortable. I covered up for the rest of the holiday.

“Hot evenings and I would still wear a throw to cover my body up. I regret this so much. I wouldn’t have any photographs taken after this.

“All the holiday I complained because of how anxious I was feeling on how I looked and I took it out on my family.

“I didn’t enjoy myself at all because of how disgusting I looked when I looked at myself.”

The family arrived home on April 16 2015.

But just a day later tragedy struck.

On April 17 Jodie’s brother Josh, 16, was killed on his way home. He was on his way home on his scooter when he was hit by a car and he died.

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Jodie added: “This destroyed me.

“He was just learning to live his life.

“He just had the best holiday and even had plans for bigger holidays in the future.

“Unfortunately, he never got the chance to go to school and tell his friends about the holiday, let alone experience any more holidays.

“I did a lot of comfort eating after this.

“My photograph was taken on the day of my brothers send off and it was on the front page of the newspapers.

She says that she feels like a completely different person after losing the weight
She says that she feels like a completely different person after losing the weight
(Image: Submitted)

“I couldn’t concentrate on how I felt when I saw the photo as I was just too upset.”

A couple of years passed after Josh’s death and Jodie was still comfort eating and not really looking after herself.

It was at this point that her weight topped 17 and a half stone.

It when then Jodie’s parents had an unexpected surprise of a baby, called Frankie, in 2017.

Jodie herself then became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter Olivia in 2018.

Doctors said that Frankie was a “gift sent from heaven.”

In 2018 the family decided to go on holiday to Antalya in Turkey for a holiday to the same row of hotels were they stayed with Josh.

The holiday was booked for July 2019.

Jodie said: “It was New Year’s Eve 2018, we were sat talking about our upcoming holiday.

Jodie before she dropped the weight
Jodie before she dropped the weight
(Image: Submitted)

“I had the image from the newspaper in my mind. My friend started Slimming World and lost a couple of stone.

“Something clicked and I knew in my own mind what I needed to do.

“From nowhere I just blurted out ‘I’m going to losing three stone for our holiday’.

“No one believed me, but they did all support me.

“I wanted to lose this weight because all the feelings came flooding back from when I went with Josh and how I felt and how I didn’t have hardly any photographs taken.

“I didn’t want to feel like that anymore, I wanted to feel amazing on holiday.

“I wanted Olivia to have lots of photos of her mummy being herself and being happy because we don’t know what’s around the corner and one day that’s all she will have to look back on.”

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Jodie first walked through the doors to Slimming World on January 7 2019.

Very quickly she was getting awards every week and the stones started to drop off.

She said: “I hit my three stone target way before the holiday in July.

“But that didn’t stop me from going further. Our holiday arrived and I had bought my first bikini, I was so excited.

“I went and got weighed on the morning of my holiday to find out I was going four and a half stone lighter.

“I was over the moon.

“Nothing was stopping me from showing off what I had achieved. I had the best holiday and took all the pictures I could.

“Apart from my brother not being there we had the best time.”

Jodie Tyler from Sheffield dropped an amazing six stone after starting Slimming World
Jodie Tyler from Sheffield dropped an amazing six stone after starting Slimming World
(Image: Submitted)

Jodie came back from the holiday and her weight loss journey continued.

She changed her target for a third time to five stone and soon hit that and pushed herself to try and lose six stone.

She managed to hit that in November 2019.

Jodie said: “I couldn’t be happier, some days I still can’t believe it.

“It’s like I became a completely different person within a year. I am now full of life, so happy, so energetic, love photos and still take them everyday.

“I love to cook, I love to go for walks and now even bike rides.

“I enjoy chasing Olivia around the garden and I love being able to show off what I have achieved.

“13 months later I am still rocking the six stone weight loss and I couldn’t have been able to do it without Slimming World.

“If I can do it anyone can. Do it, you will not regret it.

“I have people, friends, family telling me I am their inspiration.

“They follow my story, they ask for my help, they ask for advice, meal plans. I am so much stronger today.”

Written by: Rother Radio News

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